Building an email template that benefits long term campaign

More and more emails becomes an effective means of communication for business and personal, and email marketing present such a benefit over other more traditional forms of marketing if your campaign bases on good user experience and long term approach.

So how to build a good user experience template that benefits long term email campaign?

Since email client are so many (Outlook,, Gmail …. to name a few ) renders differently, and you don’t know weather, they check their email with their smartphones when on the move, on train, school run, or on tv time between advert and advert.

Remember any business or organization your reputation is the key to success and email campaign is not any different. Weather your emails based on sales pitch, invitation (event) or order summary, each of these purpose require consistent and coherent design and content structure. – if any point your email images is not showing up without any real message, a user has a trouble reading or clicking important link, your subscribers will get fed up and unsubscribe, leading to broken trust in your brand. And as a mobile email consumers take over we need to make sure our landing page also responsive and adjust our designs when necessary for larger smartphones such as iPhone6, iPhone6 plus, Samsung galaxy note …

So you should consider all these issues when designing your email newsletters, make sure it displays properly in most email client and devices, easy to read including visually impaired readers who use a screen reader that simply reads aloud all the text in the email newsletters and measure success.

How to measures success?

The goal of Email newsletters or campaign in any organisation or business cannot be archived until you determine common reasons or what success looks like for sending
your email newsletters. It could be product advertisement, increase event registration, get organisation reputation back, targeting those already interest in your brand who live in certain area or are likely to responds. The list is endless….

I have seen and heard a lots from small and medium organisations that they create their email newsletters themselves internally, for example in pdf. format without any email marketing software or email distribution program.

And while some business owners may see Email Service Provider as more of a gimmick that anything ales, my question is this. How do you know what happened to your emails newsletters once you clicked send? And how do you determine your target audience?

It is very difficult to know exactly how many subscribers received, delete, forward to a friend, open it, which email client, and smartphones or desktop. What is the point of using your valuable time sending email to a subscriber who never read it.

We need to think that email service platform more than just means of sending email newsletters for subscribers. I know there is no one solution fit all but is worthwhile looking into few of email serve providers. My choice is Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.

Let me know what you think, do you build your emails template yourself and what email provider service do you use.

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