6 Basic tips web developer need to know

I’m writing these tips because I do not see bloggers talking about them and it is very important for any designer or junior web developer to be aware of.

Logo should be clickable Wheather you’re inserting your logo with img tag directly into your page or styling with css you should make sure your logo clickable. This will take the user back to your home page. Add breadcrumbs to your site where possible. It shows the user where they are and enables them to click on previous pages.

How to set your page language

You must define the language of your website. This helps browsers and search engine to identify what language your website is written in. A word in one language could have a different meaning in another language. For example the word pronto in Italian does not necessary mean the same in Spanish.

Links and Images

Links should be differentiated from the rest of your text. Underline or text colour can be utilised to do this, you must bear in mind that colours can be perceived differently per user, especially if that user is colour blind. And Images should not be used as links. Putting text into images makes the text inaccessible to screenreaders.

Line breaks

Line breaks should only be used where they are required, and should not be used to apply vertical space between paragraphs or list of items. For example, if we want to have 10 pixel below every paragraph using line break, we need to add necessary line break tag to every paragraphs in our page. However, we can simple use CSS p{ padding-button: 10px;} and it will automatically apply all paragraph elements this style. Unnecessary line break can give us a big headache when need to do modification or updating our websites. – A good developer should make editing a website as efficient as possible.

Image error and accessibility need

Image is an inline element and must be placed inside a block level element (h1, p ). They can cause issues when validating your XHTML strict doctype. And an images used inside the content should have alternative image descriptions. This help people that might not be able to see the image correctly (or search engines).

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